Attitude determines quality, details determine success

The company adheres to the strategic development goal of "base on the domestic, expand overseas", with the intelligent environmental protection double-bed ash-collecting cremator as the pillar, and continuously expand the product category

Adhering to the business philosophy of promoting development by science and technology, surviving by quality, contending for the market by service, and winning reputation by reputation

Corporate Program

Everything is based on the interests of customers, wholeheartedly love customers, serve customers well, make more contributions to the place, lead employees to a prosperous and dignified life, and realize everyone's value.

Enterprise spirit

Dedication and enterprising, sincere unity, dedication to society, caring for employees

Company principle

Be honest, do things with faith, and be brave to innovate

Company Guidelines

Pursuit of excellence, sincere service, no small matter for customers, endless service!

Work criteria

When the day is over, the day is over, and the month is over, I will go all out to do everything well. Work hard, you can only do things right and do things with your heart, in order to do things well.

Employment standards

Dedication, filial piety, kindness, loyalty, no bragging, no telling things

spirit realm

Openness, respect, happiness, fraternity, and growth together

The Way to Success

Action, action, action now!

Eight positions

An enterprise integrating research, design, development, and sales of intelligent manufacturing cremation equipment and supporting facilities

From a national standpoint: always take China's heart as my heart

From the customer's standpoint: always serve the customer's heart

From the company's standpoint: as the company's spokesperson at all times

Standing on the product standpoint: always let the product speak

Standing in a team position: always shaping and maintaining the heart of the organization

Standing on the staff's standpoint: always fulfilling the staff's heart

Stand on the standpoint of self: always create self and pursue selflessness

From the standpoint of the family: always benefit the family


Ten principles

Adhering to promoting development with science and technology, surviving with quality, and striving for market with service


(1) Based on facts

(2) Based on the principle of supporting each other

(3) Based on the principle of keeping confidentiality

(4) Based on the principle of not spreading negatives

(5) Based on the principle of healthy lifestyle

(6) Based on the principle of efficient use of funds

(7) The principle of not pretending to be the mouth of others

(8) Use text communication and document guidance as the principle

(9) Based on the principle of internal settlement of the company's internal affairs

(10) Based on the principle of solving problems in a developmental way (customer problems are solved first)


An enterprise integrating research, design, development, and sales of intelligent manufacturing cremation equipment and supporting facilities



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