staff training

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staff training

Our company promises to train 1-2 equipment operators for users free of charge. The specific training plan is as follows:


1. Training time: during equipment installation Location: user unit

During the equipment installation process, the user unit can send relevant personnel to observe and understand the internal structure of the equipment, various technological processes and vulnerable points on the spot, so as to have a systematic understanding of the whole machine and easy to grasp the troubleshooting methods.


2. Training time: According to user needs Location: Shandong Jinsanbao Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

Our company regularly holds courses on the use and maintenance of cremation machines to teach basic knowledge of electricians, general knowledge of machinery, and general knowledge of cremator maintenance. You can also go to the funeral home to practice the key points and skills of the operation, so that you can eliminate and repair the general faults, and teach you the lessons.


3. Training costs

All trainees who come to our company to study will receive free training, board and lodging.


4. Other

Set up a user complaint hotline 0631-6656578. If users are not satisfied with our company's product quality or service quality, they can make a complaint by pressing the above hotline. After receiving the complaint, our company will carefully verify and give the user a satisfactory answer.


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