Quick response to solve your after-sale worries

(I) Warranty period: One year warranty

1. During the warranty period, we are responsible for three guarantees for the equipment. If any defect occurs during normal use, our company will provide free replacement. Our company in receiving the user phone (letter, letter, fax, etc.) reflect, immediately sent senior technical personnel within the province within 12 hours to arrive at the scene, outside the province within 24 hours to arrive at the scene, for users to solve the problem, the staff all costs borne by our company.

2, our company in the process of installation and commissioning, free of charge for customers to train operation and maintenance technicians, the time of 2 to 5 weeks or until the learning; If the other party sent to our company to study, my company free training, free accommodation.

3. Establish quality tracking files, regularly send the business supervisor to the user site maintenance and inspection, where the equipment failure, immediately free repair, and establish a telephone return visit system, monthly return visit users, to ensure the efficient operation of the after-sales service system.

4. For the products used by users, our company will ensure enough parts supply until the cremation machine is obsolete and updated.

5. Within the warranty period, if any defect occurs in the normal use of the parts, we will immediately replace the new parts of the same brand at home for free. If the same part fails for two consecutive times within 20 days, we will replace the new parts free of charge.

(2) Maintenance technical ability within the warranty period

(1) Arrange the after-sales service personnel closest to the user

(2) We have engineering and technical experts for after-sales service, tracking service and supervision service all year round to ensure the quality and speed of service.

(3) Failure response time, arrival time and repair time

1, our company received the user equipment in the operation process of quality problems of the notice (letter, telephone, fax, etc.), immediately to respond, promptly dispatched senior technical personnel, within 4 hours to arrive at the site for processing, with the report as repair.

2. After the technicians arrive at the scene, the minor faults will be repaired within 2 hours, the medium faults within 4 hours, the major faults will be worked overnight, and the faults will be removed within 12 hours to ensure the normal operation of the second day.

(IV) Warranty, maintenance service and technical support, equipment upgrade program

1. Warranty service

① Establish user equipment maintenance files and visit user units regularly.

② Establish detailed configuration files of user devices to serve users timely and accurately.

(3) Warranty period due to user improper operation of the loss, my company is also free maintenance, guarantee lifetime tracking service and on call.

2. Technical support, maintenance and upgrade plan

(1) Free on-site equipment installation for users, and provide technical services.

(2) Free of charge according to the needs of users to make floorplan and cremation plane structure drawing and provide drawings.

3. Provide on-site guidance during installation.

(4) Provide equipment operation manual, maintenance manual, equipment drawings, test reports, certificates and other documents.

⑤ Provide 7 x 24 hours technical support and services according to user requirements.

⑥ All our products are designed with space for upgrading. As long as users need it, our company is responsible for providing free technical upgrade support, such as equipment system upgrade or oil gas replacement.

⑦ If our company has new technology, new achievements will be listed as soon as possible to serve users.


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